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What lies below: This new horror film “reveals the truth” about Oscarville and Lake Lanier

by Stewart Cole

Combining the genres of story and horror into a single feature film, the screenwriters and producers of “Lanier” aim to retell the story in a way that “does Oscarville unfair” when filming begins in early 2022.

“There have been films that have happened on Lake Lanier, but nothing has ever hit Oscarville or anything close to it,” said William Bush-Anderson, director, co-writer and producer. “There is nothing more frightening than a real-life intruder entering your home. You think it’s abroad, but it may already be inside. It’s exactly the idea of ​​this real-life horror – it really pushed me, apart from anything paranormal, because the best horror movies are the movies that could happen to you. “

As co-screenwriter and producer Cindy Kunz-Anderson sees it, the dark story behind the shallows is the motivating event that unleashes the paranormal activity associated with this Lake Lanier. It is believed that many injuries, disappearances and other incidents against the backdrop of the lake were instigated by spirits seeking punishment for the crimes committed against Oscarville.

“There are a lot of ‘accidents’ and drownings happening here, and there are a lot of people who take it very lightly,” he said. “(Lake Lanier) is not all fun and games as people think. it can be very dangerous. “

“This is what makes Lake Lanier so mysterious,” said her husband, Bush-Anderson. “We know about Oscarville, but we do not know as well as other things that have happened there that are just bad,” he said. “I think that’s why we still hear about drownings happening today. “We hear about deaths happening, we hear about disappearances – and all nine, in my opinion, are because of the past.”

This, combined with the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in the not-so-distant past of 2020, leads Bush-Anderson to believe that now is the right time to make a film like “Lanier.”

“We used to say that we are at the peak of racial tensions for a while, but the unfortunate truth is that it will never end because racism is taught. “As long as it is taught, it will always exist in the world,” he said. “I think we should continue to shed light on racism or even have films that talk about racism, and not just in one form or another, because you can tell this story in so many different ways. By doing this, you are constantly showing people what the past was, how ugly it was and how vindictive it was and why it should not be like that now. “

However, Oscarville was not always the anchor for the plot. In fact, the team did not know the account until two years ago, when they began investigating drownings and disappearances that occurred in the lake.

“That was the nail in the coffin,” Bush-Anderson said. “It’s very important to be in this story. I always felt that way, from the moment I read it (for the first time) “.

Although the film does not bode well for racism, the group hopes that viewers with infected views will have a different perspective on life and people of color.

“It will not be beautiful,” said co-writer, producer and star of the film Ali Ashtigo. “To show the scenes in this movie – it has to be tough, otherwise people are not going to take it, people’s pain. To show this, horror is perhaps the best way to do it. “A historical documentary may not be enough.”

“Lanier” is set to begin filming in February 2022, with a targeted release date of September-October to “pay tribute to those who fell at Oscarville” in the fall of 1912. Trial tickets will be available in person and in person. .

For updates on “Lanier”, as well as any calls for extra cast and crew members, watch the movie Facebook page.

“We want to do justice to Oscarville – to let people know that we did not forget it just because it is in history,” said Bush-Anderson. “We know how important it is. Everyone has different views. But the nice thing about the movie is that you can put so many views on this movie, and even if you disagree, you can not disagree with the whole movie, because your point of view was there. I hope the film opens the mind (of the viewer) not only to why we believe why Lake Lanier is haunted, but … I hope the film completely opens the eyes and provokes the way they think even if they have not said it out loud. I hope it changes them internally. “

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