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“Where is My Daughter” to be filmed at Agassiz next week – Agassiz Harrison Observer

by Stewart Cole

The Roads of Agassiz will be the setting for another upcoming film.

Polls from Kent County were released Tuesday (February 15th) at affected filming locations along Pioneer Avenue and Chim Avenue as CMW Autumn Productions prepares to shoot “Where is My Daughter?”

Filming will take place at Pioneer Venue between Highway 9 and Heath Road and along Cheam Avenue between Highway 9 and Park Street. Filming will last 12 hours on Wednesday, February 23, between 8:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m. There may be film crews before and after this time to help restore the shooting area or make preparations.

There will be temporary benches along Pioneer Avenue for car and movie equipment, as well as temporary parking at 7036 and 7136 Pioneer Avenue.

The scenes that are shot are external with dialogue of actors.

No details have been released about the plot or the protagonists of the film. CMW Autumn Productions is credited with a number of TV movies of various genres. These include “Love on the Road” (Erin Cahill, Jesse Hutch, Francesca Bianchi) and “A Mother’s Fury. ”(Chelsea Hobbs, Stephanie Cleough, James Neate).

The Agassiz-Harrison area has been the setting for many recent productions, including Netflix’s “The Mother,” starring pop idol Jennifer Lopez.

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