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Why she said yes to the movie and more

by Joe Bourn

Actress Rani Mukerji is gearing up for the release of her latest film, Ms. Chatterjee v. Norway. Based on a true incident, the film will have the actress playing the role of a troubled mother who battles red tape to get custody of her children. In a recent interview, she shares her first reaction to the film’s script, how she decides which films she wants to make, and more.

In a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Mr Mardaani Actress Rani Mukerji shared her experience of working on her new film, Ms. Chatterjee v. Norway. In the interview she is asked about what her first reaction was when she heard the script. The actress recalled being left in “disbelief”. He then decided to read up on the case and discovered that “Indian media had covered the case extensively in 2011” and yet he knew nothing about it.

What made Rani say yes to Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway?

She added that she said yes to the film at one point because “like her, there would be a lot of people” who wouldn’t know about the case. She said it was an “eye opener for her” because whenever we talk to people living abroad we never know about their “trials and trials”. She said that for her, “it was a story about an Indian family, living outside India and facing something inhuman”. The actress added that “obviously being a Bengali I connected with it even more”.

How does Rani choose her films?

The Buddy Bubbles The actress was asked about how she chooses her scripts and how she decides which films she wants to work on. To this, she replied, “I think what excites me today at this point in my career is that every time there is an important story that needs to be told through the perspective of an Indian woman. That’s what really sparks my emotions because I’m Indian myself and I was a little kid, a young Indian, a young Indian, a married Indian and I’m a mother, so I think portraying Indian women’s emotions is very important. I want a global audience to see what we Indian women are doing, which is very important because people can understand what is happening in a country through the lens of a woman living in that country. So I think it’s very important for me to portray that every time I play a character.”

Rani’s reaction to box office pressures

Rani was also asked about the collections her films are doing and whether even at this point in her career she feels the pressure of the box office. She responded by saying that she “absolutely feels the pressure of the box office and if she doesn’t feel the pressure, to pack her bags and leave.” He also added that actors want their films to reach maximum number of people and the number of people watching the film translates into ticket numbers. He says “the more box office the more people have gone to see your film, so that matters the most to an actor.”

Rani will be seen in the lead role next in the film Ms. Chatterjee v. Norway which was released on March 17.

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