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Will Broly get a new form in the next movie?

by Stewart Cole

Dragon Ball Super officially brings Broly for another round with the next big feature film and the only question that has preoccupied fans is whether Broly will release a new form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? One of the most important things that fans were immediately stuck with with the next feature film was the first trailer that actually revealed that Broly was going back to the anime. It was later revealed through further promotional material that Saiyan would actually undergo some much-needed training along with Goku and Vegeta.

Fans have been asking for more Broly since he was officially introduced to Canon, and with the new film giving him a little training to better harness his power, this has also made fans wonder if that meant he could use his God. Κι. yours too. Through advertising material he located @DBSChronicles and other fans on Twitter sparking all sorts of discussions about the nature of his power and education, has made fans wonder if he is not harnessing the power of God, perhaps he will have a more sophisticated version of his full power seen in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

(Photo: Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly he saw Brolie stepping on a version of Sayyan’s power that was stronger than he had seen with previous Super Saiyan uniforms, and he could also fight at the same level of divine transformations. At the same time, this new frantic force seemed to be a unique path for Saiyan who still had his tail discreet. It initially had fans wondering if it could finally make its way to a regular version of Super Saiyan 4 from Dragon Ball GT. But if a new form is unlocked, the main question is whether we will really see it in the new movie.

It has also been advertised that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will focus on Gohan and Piccolo as they take care of the main threats, which means they will probably be very little visible by Broly, Goku and Vegeta as they train with Beerus and Whis. So if that’s the case, it could be a joke about what’s coming into the franchise’s future. This means that while we may not see it in the new movie, we may see a new Broly form one day!

Fortunately, with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero coming out in theaters in June, it won’t be long before we know for sure! What do you think; Do you hope to see Broly unlock a new form in the new movie? What kind of form could it be? Tell us all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly for all the cartoons and other nice things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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