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#WorldHeritageDay: Delhi’s cultural heritage sites hit by filmmakers | Hindi Movie News

by Joe Bourn
In the last two years, several films and performances have been shot at cultural heritage sites in the capital, as these monuments create a stunning setting. On World Heritage Day, we talk to production teams and line producers about filming in the city’s cultural heritage sites. One line producer says, “Heritage sites give a sense of the city that cannot be reproduced. When we were shooting for Delhi – 6, to capture crowd scenes in the Red Fort, we selected guerrilla shots and took real black shots. At present, the permission to shoot films in cultural heritage sites has been rationalized and is no longer a hassle. Last year, when Kartik Aryan was filming for Shehzada in Delhi, there was a scene that was to be filmed at Red Fort. But this was an action scene and could not be filmed because the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) license is accompanied by a list of conditions. “What the production team did in the end was to turn the stage against the backdrop of the Red Fort.”

A member of the film crew says: “For many years, filmmakers have been making copies of monuments. For Salman Khan’s protagonist Bharat, a copy of Red Fort was created. However, as the process of licensing filming at cultural heritage sites becomes easier, set designers do not need to make copies of cultural heritage sites.

Shot Ek Ladki ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga
Vishal Bhardwaj and Tabu at Humayun Tomb

A member of the production says, “This month, there is a lot of filming in Delhi, and although it is hot, for outdoor filming, the monuments are also part of the program.”

Another line producer, Javed, who has starred in a number of online series, says, “Apart from movies, even for online series, heritage sites are quite popular. For online series, the whole focus is usually on making the scenes look more authentic, and this is also an important reason why filming at monuments has increased in the last two years. When we had to shoot The Great Indian Murder, we went back to Town Hall which is a cultural heritage site. After all, it’s not just for online series, even for streaming platform movies, real sites are preferred.

Last year, when Vishal Bhardwaj was filming for Khufiya in Delhi, he returned to Humayun Tomb with Tabu.

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