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WWE uses language from the Predator movies in the latest White Rabbit message

by Stewart Cole

The White Rabbit’s clues have gotten even more complicated as time has gone on, and WWE’s latest QR code experiment brought fans into his world Predator movie theater. These clues, likely leading to the return of Bray Wyatt, appear in every episode Monday Night Raw and Smackdown for the past two weeks. Monday night’s clue included a painting of Samson and Delilah, a coordinate that leads to Philadelphia, and a code written in the language used by the dangerous aliens in Predator movies.

The code is displayed only one word at a time and can be revealed by moving the cursor around the black area of ​​the page. Fortunately, the hard work has already been done as some WWE sleuths have cracked the code. Using a translator from Predator language, the code says, “Before me the things that were created were nothing, but things Eternal, and eternal I endure.”

This quote comes from Dante’s inferno, which matches everything we’ve seen from Bray Wyatt’s characters to date. The connection to Wyatt goes even deeper when you consider the rest of the quote. Dante goes on to say, “Abandon all hope, you who enter here.”

You’ve heard that a million places before, but it actually appeared in Bray Wyatt’s work earlier in his WWE run. There was a sign on the Firefly Funhouse pieces from his time as Fid that read, “Forbid all hope, you who get out of here.”

The ties to Bray Wyatt run deep with these White Rabbit codes. Riddles from previous clues pointed to the word “Windham” (Wyatt’s real name) and hinted at the Bray Wyatt character’s last match before he turned into the Fiend. All images reflect his quirky and cult personality, convincing everyone that Bray is indeed behind the viral marketing tools.

Monday’s White Rabbit clues point to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, PA. That’s where Extreme rules will take place this Saturday. All signs point to Wyatt returning to Extreme rules.

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