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Yoo Oh-seong from ‘Gangneung’ movie “I thought it was the last ‘black action’, so I changed roles”

by Pansy Robbins

The role of a charismatic organizational leader
“Beat, Friend Lee Eun Noir Trilogy”
“Dealing with a time of hypocrisy … compassion is important”

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Actor Yoo Oh-seong.
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“I’m not even Cheong-Rong (Jackie Chan) and I’m getting older, so I thought it would be hard to do an action with a real body after more time. So, I persuaded the director:” This will be my last black action film “and I changed roles.

In a video interview on the 4th, Yoo Oh-seong (55), who took on the role of a charismatic organization leader in director Yoon Young-bin’s film “Gangneung”, said in a video interview on the 4th. : “At first, I was offered an older role, but people in their twenties or early thirties couldn’t take on the main characters. I thought that would be hard to convince, so I persuaded him director that I wanted to try out the lead role.

The film, due out on the 10th, is a police action drama illustrating the ambitions, plots and betrayals of different organizations surrounding the construction of a complex. Yoo Oh-seong plays Gil-seok, a gangster who values ​​loyalty and peace. Gil-seok keeps the area divided in an orderly fashion according to his own principles, but Min-seok (Jang-hyuk), who aims to own Gangneung’s largest resort town, ‘Asura’, appears before him and wields a sword. without hesitation. Gil-seok starts a war between tough men to protect the peace.

Yoo Oh-seong, who identified himself as an “irregular emotional worker”, showed enough affection for this job to remember it as “March 23, 2017″ until the date of first meeting with director Yoon and a screenplay reunion. He said, “I liked that the feeling of the script was harsh, and as a native of Gangwon-do there weren’t a lot of movies that contained the emotions of Gangwon-do, so it was a huge disappointment.” “After four years of preparation, this film with a solid and honest script is for me the black trilogy which follows ‘Beat’ (1997) and ‘Friend’ (2001).”

He explained the meaning of “Gangneung” as “a story about modern people living in an age of hypocrisy, where competition is fierce and principles and common sense are broken” and “The virtue of the dark is compassion for humans rather than revenge, betrayal, or conspiracy. I think it will be this week, ”he said. He added, “Although Gil-seok plays the lead role throughout the film, I liked that the story was conveyed through the dialogue of the surrounding characters rather than the mouth of the main character.”

When asked what kind of work he would like to appear in the future, he replied, “An actor is a performer, not a creator, and he is able to be chosen. Same thing”, a- he declared.

By Ha Jong-hoon, reporter artg@seoul.co.kr

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