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Zaira Wasim reacts to the controversy over hijab: “I, as a woman wearing hijab, resent this whole system” | Bollywood

by Joe Bourn

Actress Zaira Wasim is the latest celebrity to speak on her part about the ongoing hijab controversy in Karnataka. The actor took to Facebook on Saturday to share a large post criticizing the ban on hijab in Karnataka schools, calling it unfair.

The controversy over the hijab began on January 1 when six Muslim female students at the PU government college in Udupi claimed that they were not allowed to enter their college wearing the hijab. They started a protest against the authorities of the college, which turned into an issue throughout Karnataka. The matter is currently before the Karnataka Supreme Court.

Zaire stood up to the controversy in her Facebook post. As she called the hijab “fulfilling an obligation imposed on her by God”, Zaire said: “As a woman who wears the hijab, with gratitude and humility, I resent and oppose this whole system where women are stopped and harassed for it. simple fulfillment of a religious commitment “.

The actress added that she unjustly found the Muslim girls who had to choose between hijab and their education. “Stacking this prejudice against Muslim women and creating systems where they have to decide between education and hijab or give up both is an absolute injustice. You are trying to force them to make a very specific choice that fuels your agenda and then criticizing them while they are imprisoned in what you have constructed “, he further wrote.

The 21-year-old said that it is sad that all this is done “in the name of empowerment”. Her post went on to say: “Beyond all this, building a facade that all this is done in the name of empowerment is even worse when it is just the opposite. Sad.”

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Zaire made her Bollywood debut at the age of 16 with Dangal starring Aamir Khan. She went on to star in two films after that — Secret Superstar and The Sky is Pink– but then retired from acting in 2019 at the age of 18. Speaking about the decision, she stated that her acting career is at odds with her religious beliefs and beliefs.

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