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Zeenat Aman shares memes of herself, calls it “Meme-at Aman”

by Joe Bourn
Ever since Zeenat Aman took to Instagram, the actress has been sharing various noteworthy posts, sharing anecdotes from her personal as well as professional life with her fans.

On Saturday, the actress shared various memes about herself in a hilarious post along with a heartfelt note about it. The images include clips from her movies and have fun captions written on them. Zeenat stated that she found the posts entertaining and that they gave her joy.

Beginning her note, she called herself Meme-at Aman. She wrote: “I’d be confused by the whims of Instagram if it weren’t for my kids. Luckily, not only do they explain the app and how it works, but they also introduce me to online humor! Today I was shown ‘Zeenat Aman memes’ and I was in splits all morning. I just think they are so fantastically creative and funny. Not to mention it’s a great use of images that would otherwise be unnecessary!”

He went on to say that he really made her say. and took the first and last photo for her post from a fan account. While the second image features her with Amitabh Bachchan from the song Do Lafzon Ki Hai Dil Ki Kahan from the movie The Great Gambler. The meme written on the picture reads “Bhaiya Goregaon Lena.. Jalsa hote hue..!!”

Concluding her post, she wrote, “I would love to see and share more memes like this on my photos. So in case you have, please share it with me.’

The first photo is still of Zeenat Aman sitting on a cot drenched in rain with “When you’re having a great time and there’s existential dread” written on it.

The third meme shows Zeenat sitting in front of a mirror, captioned: “Don’t let anyone mess with your world you’ve worked so hard to create.”

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