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10 great Cliffhanger trim from recent horror movies

by Stewart Cole


A great end of the cliffhanger can be a hard nut. Get it right and leave your audience in suspense, inspiring a lot of discussion and discussion after the film about what can happen to our protagonists. Who can forget the strangely ambiguous conclusion of John Carpenter’s The Thing, for example, or the shocking final horror at the end of The Blair Witch Project.

Take the mistake, though, and risk leaving your audience with a frustrated sense of watching an unfinished story that the screenwriters were either too lazy to complete or hedge their bets on future sequels to untangle the plot.

These extensions can be configured in a variety of ways. Maybe a final shock revelation will show that our opponent is still alive and coming out for revenge, or maybe it will show that our protagonists are still threatened or trapped, cut in black before we have a chance to see things unfold fully.

Other times, we are presented with more discreet cliffhangers, showing a seemingly happy ending to our characters and a clear completion of their story, but with enough hints to leave us with a prolonged sense of horror about further horror. storage after the rolling of appropriations.

After all, leaving things to our imagination can sometimes be the scariest end of it all, and here are ten recent horror movies that stuck to landing and brought impressive cliffs that scared us.

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