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10 Movies Everyone Wanted to Love (But No One Did)

by Stewart Cole

We all wanted The Matrix Resurrections to be great, but it wasn’t.

By Jack Pulley /

It’s one thing to absolutely loathe a movie you’ve been looking forward to for months, even years, but what about those movies you had more mixed feelings about?

We all have those movies—whether sequels or originals—that we just wanted to love with every fiber of our being, but the end result just wasn’t quite there.

Maybe it was good-but-flawed, or maybe it left you feeling torn in the middle. To be clear, none of these films are mindlessly awful, but they all fell short of pre-release expectations that they would be fantastic sequels and perhaps even mark the start of a new franchise.

Instead, all of these 10 movies evoked frustratingly mixed feelings—you probably neither love them nor hate them, but rather find yourself weighing the good and the bad and falling somewhere in between.

It’s a tough spot for any film to hit – it can lead to cult favorite status years later, or simply ensure it’s quickly forgotten entirely. And for some of these movies, we’ll have to wait and see how time ends up treating them…

10. Dumb & Dumber To

Since Dumber and Dumber is widely regarded as one of the funniest and most iconic studio comedies of the 1990s, everyone was desperate for the sequel, Dumb and Dumber To, 20 years later, to live up to it.

And while Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels were clearly game for another turn, the script – written by a total of six people – sorely lacks the original’s smart-ass charm, reducing their characters to broad caricatures.

Drowned in lazy callbacks to the first film and without a single truly memorable one-liner or sight gag, Dumb and Dumber To is proof that some classic comedies are better left alone.

While the sequel hardly retroactively ruins the original and isn’t without some fleetingly entertaining moments, it’s hardly surprising that almost no one is talking about it nearly a decade after its release.

Why would anyone bother watching it again when you can just… watch the vastly superior original?

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