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A brand new Christmas movie lights up Netflix

by Stewart Cole

Recent years, Netflix has come to give Hallmark and Lifetime some money for making new Christmas movies. And, in a classic Netflix style, the streaming giant even managed to turn them into a continuous franchise with the possibility of banks. It debuted this November The Princess Switch 3, for example.

2020s Christmas in California storm with Netflix subscribers, who ate the story of a wealthy real estate offspring who pretends to be a farmer to deceive a hardworking young woman from her land, but eventually falls in love with her. A big part of his resonance was the chemistry between the stars and the real married couple Josh and Lauren Swickard, who also wrote and produced. This Christmas, the Swickards are back A California Christmas: City Lights.

This time, the incredible lovebirds Joseph and Callie retire from their contented life on the farm as their family responsibilities call them back to the big city. As Cali struggles to adjust to city life and Joseph bends under the pressure, the couple’s happy ending seems to be threatened. Can love win in time for Christmas? We will throw a wild knife in the dark and say that, yes, it can.

The Christmas California Movies are not something you have never seen before, but Netflix users are not fed up with them. According FlixPatrol, City lights is currently the third most popular title on the platform worldwide, even managing to repel the juggernaut action flick Red alert in fourth place on the chart, which is not at all miserable, given that Dwayne Johnson’s vehicle has dominated Netflix for the past month.

You can stream both Christmas in California and its continuation A California Christmas: City Lights wherever you are in the world Netflix now.

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