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A new Matrix Resurrections trailer has to do with change

by Stewart Cole

Let’s take something from the middle: this is it The lip, and if there is any movie from which we are going to cover things up, it is The Matrix Resurrections – even if its new trailer is long in melting / formatted faces and short in plot elements.

The final trailer, entitled “Déjà Vu”, begins with a voice from Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) with a line from the first film, explaining that déjà vu is usually a bug in the Matrix. It happens when something changes. ” This sentence is repeated many times. We see a black cat crossing Neo’s path just like in the first movie, and we see a series of screen wipes, moving between newer and older versions of characters, including Neo – in the birth lobe – Trinity, Morpheus (hi, Laurence Fishburne!) , Agent Smith, The Merovingian and others.

Like the first Matrix Resurrections trailer released in September, we hear Jefferson Airplane white rabbit plays in the background (does not exist rubber duck in this last clip, unfortunately). In case you did not understand the subject, the trailer aids the word CHANGE, while a voice question is heard, “Why use the old code to create something new?” and another remarks that “perhaps this is not the story we think it is.”

The lip ‘The managing editor encouraged me to blog my feelings about this latest trailer, although I warned her that the emotions would be mostly “lust and also more lust” because look, I’m Gen X and Keanu Reeves is the our mascot and I feel obliged to protect him and respect him at all costs even in the worst movies. This movie looks like a nice use of his cheekbones and smoky brown eyes.

And this trailer should probably be the first to be released Resurrections because it reminds you how much we missed the black leather, with gel hair Matrix crew while hinting at a whole new direction. This is a bit off topic, but it’s kind of nice to see a few crow legs around Neo’s eyes as he looks around, puzzled, at the Matrix – as I expected most Gen X would ever think. be disconnected.

The Matrix Resurrections will be released in cinemas on December 22.

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