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A New Pokemon Live-Action Movie Coming in 2024? Tom Holland Rumors Explained

by Stewart Cole

It's Time To See The Truth Behind Tom Holland Starring Live-Action Rumors POKEMON the film is set to premiere in 2024.

Pokémon 2024 Movie Rumors Explained

A YouTube made by fans motor home is fueling speculation that Tom Holland is set to star in a new live-action Pokémon movie set to debut in theaters sometime in 2024.

The earliest origin of these rumors comes from Small screen in 2020, as the site originates We have that covered reporting that Holland was being considered for the lead role in a new Pokémon outing.

Rumor teased that Holland was being considered to play the character Blue Oak, grandson of Professor Oak from the original POKEMON games, in a spin-off movie set in the same universe as the Detective Pikachu movie from 2019.

Unfortunately, rumors about the development of this film can be debunked quite easily.

The biggest indication that this news is fake is that the trailer in question used almost exclusively footage that aired in 2019 Detective Pikachuwith the rest coming from other Tom Holland films.

Will Tom Holland make a Pokémon movie?

At this point, there is no indication that Tom Holland led POKEMON The movie is in the works, though the franchise has a bright future.

Deadline reported in March 2023 that a live-action Detective Pikachu the sequel was happening, with Portlandia Co-creator Jonathan Krisel is in talks to direct and The Kings of Summer writer Chris Galletta is in talks to write the screenplay.

And while Ryan Reynolds' return as Pikachu wasn't confirmed at this report, inside sources believed at the time that the Deadpool star would be involved in some form.

Netflix is ​​also deep into development of its own new Pokémon animated series titled Pokémon Conciergewith a resort created exclusively for the titular monsters of the franchise to relax and have fun.

Other rumors have indicated that Netflix is ​​planning to develop a new live-action Pokémon series Stranger Things Season 5 is wrapping up, with this series potentially being the streamer's new flagship program.

And while Tom Holland may not be joining this franchise anytime soon, Pocket Monsters isn't going anywhere for a long time.

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