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Aayush Sharma says that when he buys a car, people think he “got it from Salman Khan”: “I have money too”

by Stewart Cole

Antim Actor Aayush Sharma changed his avatar for his second outing with Salman Khan after his first movie Loveyatri. The actor, who is married to Salman’s sister Arpita, spoke in a recent interview about how people perceive him, but has now learned to accept negative comments.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Aayush shared, “Unfortunately, in my life, it’s like doing the smallest activity… You’re buying a car… ‘Oh, you got it from Salman.’ “You did that, that’s due to Salman.” I also have money, I do not wander like that “.

Aayush then added that he has learned to embrace criticism as he pushes it to do better. But you say, “Okay, it’s okay.” For me I like criticism, I like negativity. When someone trolls me, I feel happy. There is always the feeling of “I will prove you wrong”. The first time it happened to me, I thought, ‘Why? What did I do wrong? “Why did it happen to me?” But then, finally, I started to find a place where every time you are criticized, I accept my criticism with a very healthy spirit “.

Salman took to Twitter on Thursday to thank his fans for supporting Aayush. He also asked them to support Ahan Shetty, who is making his film debut with Tadap, which hits theaters on Friday.

Salman wrote: “Thank you all for your immense love and respect for Aayush and his #Antim team. Keep doing the same and we hope you all show the same love and respect for Ahan Shetty whose #Tadap movie is coming out tomorrow. #AhanShetty #AayushSharma. “

Antim was released in theaters on November 26 and started slowly at the box office. In its first week of release, the film grossed 27.25 crore at the box office, according to Bollywood Hungama.

Indian Express Shubhra Gupta gave the film 1.5 stars and said in the review, “Aayush Sharma looks like he could get into a character as soon as he stops playing a guy. “He may be the protagonist and manage to shoot one or two scenes with his bare chest, but make no mistake, the biggest lines are all of Salman Khan.”

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