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Abhishek Bachchan says he weighs 100+ kilos for Bob Biswas. “It’s hard to carry such a weight”: Bollywood News

by Stewart Cole

Abhishek Bachchan will play the eponymous role in Sujoy Ghosh’s next film Bob Bisvas. The actor chose to put on extra pounds instead of wearing a thick suit. Abhishek weighed about 105 pounds for the character of Bob Biswas. Gaining weight was a difficult experience, but unlike many actors, Abhishek was reluctant to use CGI or prostheses to achieve Bob’s appearance and feel, and instead did everything he could to gain weight to look like and feel like Bob. In an interview with India Today, Abhishek Bachchan revealed how he envisioned becoming Bob Biswas and why it was so important for him to gain weight.

Abhishek Bachchan talked about being told to wear a bodysuit, saying: “I tried it, I like to give everyone a fair chance. I was not happy with it because of the lack of movement. When you put a prosthetic stomach, it is very lifeless. And I did it in Guru 14-15 years ago, I did it for Bob, I put a little weight on Big Bull because the role required it. But for Bob, I had to push it to another level. -105 kg on the turn. When you do prosthesis on the cheeks it looks like a prosthesis. The stomach also moves in a different way. When you have this weight and you are physically carrying this weight, your whole performance changes because your body language changes the weight you, your movement, your walking, your running, everything changes “.

He added, “The weight pulls you down a bit. So, I wanted that light feeling. I wanted it for the ride. For me, I feel that if I can look at the character, I feel that 50% of my performance has been taken care of. That’s what we did. It was very difficult. It was fun. I mean to put on weight obviously. Then, shooting in Kolkata in the winter. because of the lockdown and we were about 80 percent done. And, we had another 10-15 working days. Throughout the lockdown, I had to maintain that weight. That was difficult. Because it’s not nice to be overweight like that. It’s very cumbersome, and I do not even go into the effects on your health as it happens, but it ‘s hard to carry that much weight around you. to end we reduced the film and we started to lose the painstaking professional for my next project, which I was shooting right after “.

He went on to say about his mental transformation: “It was a hard and deep dark tunnel to be honest. Bob lost his memory, so everything is a fair game. There are no musts and there must not be. So that was basically the process. “To find a whole person again. Even emotionally, it is a scary task for anyone to wake up from a coma and remember nothing.” Abhishek also revealed how part of his character will stay with him no matter what.

When asked how his daughter and his family reacted to his weight gain, he said: “The family was very understanding as they knew it was the second nature of actors at home and everyone is used to this process.”

Abhishek Bachchan was busy preparing for his upcoming film Bob Bisvas. The film will premiere on Zee5 on December 3, 2021.

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