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Actor Mario Lopez discusses the new Christmas movie Lifetime shot in Santa Fe

by Stewart Cole

Many films were made in New Mexico, but Lopez made sure the state remained in the spotlight for his new Christmas film “Holidays in Santa Fe.”

“Well, we’ve been downtown, all over the city for that, and I just think geographically it’s a beautiful city that we really emphasize,” Lopez said.

Representatives of the Santa Fe Film Office said the film was initially supposed to be set in a general southwestern city, but as soon as Lopez and his team arrived they knew they had to make some changes.

“Why are these types of movies usually your typical idyllic New England-type cities, right?” And I just thought that the wonderful Southwest and Santa Fe are beautiful in their own way, and they also celebrate Christmas, so why not? “I thought it would be a different, cool look from the movie,” Lopez said.

The production was filmed earlier this year and used many local vendors and actors to get that feel in New Mexico – they even threw a little story.

“We have the oldest capital in the whole country, at the highest altitude in all of America, and that’s really wonderful, this is the oldest church in all of America,” Lopez said.

Lopez said he was excited to return to New Mexico – especially for all of Chile.

“Dude, I’ve had it all, from my eggs in the morning to sushi, so I’m trying to incorporate it into everything.”

And most of you are probably wondering, red or green?

“I mean, I like both, but I’ll get green if I had to choose,” Lopez said.

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