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Basildon: See what the interior of a 25 25 million movie complex could look like

by Stewart Cole

NEW images reveal what the interior of the new 10-screen cinema in the city center could look like before it opens next spring.

Once completed, the complex in East Square, Basildon will welcome hundreds of moviegoers with the latest movies, luxurious boating seats and lounge areas.

New images from Empire Cinemas provide a first look at the designs for some of the cinema interiors.

The 10-screen Empire Cinema, with a larger screen of 500 people, is the iconic ild 25 million Basildon Council development building in East Square.

Basildon Council consultants and executives teamed up with representatives from construction company McLaren at Empire Cinemas as the site was officially handed over before the opening of Spring 2022.

Anthony Hedley, chairman of the Committee on Regeneration and Economic Development, said: “Now that most of the work will be done inside, it is exciting to get a taste of what the new spaces will look like. There is a real sense of luxury in these spaces.

“We want East Square to be a real destination of choice for residents and this complex will be a place where residents can shop, dine and watch the latest movies.

“McLaren has done a great job creating an iconic building for downtown Basildon and it’s great to see the East Square design combined.”

The East Square movie and restaurant program is run by the Basildon Council and will create a night economy and dozens of jobs for locals.

The Basildon Council has already announced that Loungers – a popular coffee and bar chain – will be the first restaurant to join the new East Square plan.

Work will soon begin on Loungers, one of six breathtaking units in downtown Basildon.

The bosses of the municipality say that hospitality, comfort and intimacy remain at the core of the Loungers’ offer, guided by the independent culture and the focus on the local community.

The Loungers, which operates 172 branches across England and Wales, describes itself as a café / bar combining elements of restaurants, British pubs and coffee culture.

The Basildon Council claims that the cinema will have the largest screen outside London’s Leicester Square.

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