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Batman’s Colin Farrell Reveals He Had Panic Attacks While Filming New Movie

by Stewart Cole

BatmanColin Farrell has revealed that he suffered some panic attacks while filming his new film. On the red carpet for Thirteen Livesspoke the star The Hollywood Reporter about his panic attacks while doing underwater scenes. Viggo Mortenson lobbied for the diving stunts, and Farrell couldn’t really let his colleague get that shine, so he dove in too. Unfortunately, the Batman The star did not expect the activity to be so overwhelming. Luckily for Farrell, he’s okay now, but the whole situation was terrifying.

“I had a few moments of panic underwater when I had to tell myself, ‘Just relax. Keep calm. You’re fine. There’s nothing to worry about. Your tank is good, you’re 60 percent full. Just slow down. your breathing. It’s OK,” Farrell said. “At times, there was no surface above your head, just a ceiling and it was incredibly nerve-wracking and incredibly uncomfortable.”

And he continued, “There was no light and you would wait [the crew] to get on the speakers to tell you that the camera was rolling. But if you were underwater when they said “action” you might not hear the fucking speaker so everyone’s looking at everyone else underwater. If something were to happen, someone might back you up and knock your fucking mask off [pushing it sideways]. Suddenly — hello, panic attack.”

For those who want a little more than his noisy penguin, Warner Bros. Discovery has you covered. Oswald Cobblepot is getting his own limited series on HBO Max at some point.

“The world that Matt Reeves has created for ‘The Batman’ is one that warrants a deeper look through the eyes of Oswald Cobblepot. I couldn’t be more excited to continue this exploration of Oz as he ascends the dark ranks for to become the penguin It will be good to bring him back to the streets of Gotham for a little madness and a little mayhem,” said Colin Farrell.

“We’re thrilled to bring audiences a new, never-before-seen version of this iconic DC character. It’s incredible to be working with Matt, Dylan and Lauren to continue this story and to see Colin build on his already outstanding his performance in “The Batman to the Next Level,” said Sarah Aubrey, Head of Original Content, HBO Max.

“Colin exploded off the screen as the Penguin in ‘The Batman,’ and to have the opportunity to thoroughly explore the inner life of this character on HBO Max is an absolute thrill. Dylan and I are so excited to be working with Lauren to continue Oz’s story as he violently seizes power in Gotham,” said Matt Reeves.

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