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Bull Movie: The End of the Netflix Hit

by Stewart Cole

Netflix subscribers have been left divided over the ending of a recent hit.

Every day, the service adds a new original release, along with licensed titles – movies and TV shows previously released elsewhere.

The latest acquisition license to take the service by storm is Taurusa violent revenge thriller starring Neil Maskell, the British actor who most recently appeared in the Apple TV+ series Shake down.

Taurus directed by Paul Andrew Williams, whose previous works include London to Brighton and the Stephen Graham TV series The Walk-Inand follows Maskell’s eponymous character as he destroys members of his former gang, led by his father-in-law (David Hayman), in order to find his son.

The film has drawn many comparisons to Shane Meadows Dead man’s shoes – but the ending Taurus aside as something very different.

*Spoilers ahead – you have been warned*

Throughout the film, the gang members that Bull (Maskell) is chasing are shocked to discover that he has returned after an unspecified event in the past. It turns out that this is for good reason: they all conspired to kill Bull and succeeded.

In the final moments of the film, the previous scenes are repeated to show Taurus with completely black eyes, and it is implied that Taurus, after being killed, made a deal with the devil to return and avenge his death.

The ending has the audience divided.

“I just watched Taurus on Netflix. It ‘s crazy. No one will see the end coming,” one viewer wrote. “That’s quite the twist,” agreed another. One Netflix user wrote: “Watched Taurus on Netflix and yes, it’s incredible. What an ending.”

Neil Maskell in “Bull”

(Signature Entertainment)

However, some thought the twist spoiled the film:Taurus on Netflix…decent until the silly ending,” one viewer wrote, while another agreed: “Just watched Taurus on Netflix…really enjoyed it even after the stupidest ending.”

Another person disliked the ending so much that, somewhat harshly, he called it “the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”

At the time of writing, Taurus has been toppled from the top spot on the most viewed charts by the new arrival Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Also this weekend, a new Gal Gadot movie branded “drab and “disappointing” by The independent.

Meanwhile, Netflix subscribers have been left reeling from the news that a beloved series is coming to an unexpected end next month.

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