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Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson wrapped in chains for the latest tutorial video

by Stewart Cole

“Nothing beats like the sound of chains wrapped around your body.” In other contexts, this is an excerpt from Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson it would be really spicy. However, this is exactly how she formulated her Instagram post that showed her that she is in superhero form for her upcoming movies.

With large metal chains wrapped around her waist, Larson says, “Let’s see how this goes,” before doing push-ups with particular ease, despite the extra weight on her body. As fellow actor Jason Walsh put it, Larson is “Ms. 2-chains ”in the video and we can not agree more. Watch her post with the video below.

Larson’s social media has been very exciting lately due to another great video. She recently adapted Taylor Swift’s song “Nothing New (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault)” and fans were utterly disappointed with it.

She seems to be working hard all the time to keep herself in perfect shape for her role as Captain Marvel. In her podcast, she recently talked about her biggest difficulty in playing the character.

“I had to learn all this with Captain Marvel and I was very uncoordinated with my body,” Larson said. “It was what I was most worried about, it was the physical things. I had this theory that having a body was an attraction. I remember once I asked Jessie, I said, what if I had my senses in a jar, would you still be my friend?

As soon as I started learning how to move in it, and I got stronger, I started to get into a workflow. And now, I like to do battle sequences more than action pieces. “

We have to see how it all works By Brie Larson the work pays off when Captain Marvel 2 Released on November 11, 2022.

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