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Chapter 2 Does the director have problems after the release of the film?

by Joe Bourn

Sandalwood director Prashant Neel has received a great deal of love and appreciation, and continues to be, since the release of perhaps the biggest film this year, “KGF: Chapter 2”. Prashanth Neel has received the same amount of love as the actor in the movie, Yash. The film has broken all ticket records and is being screened successfully in all cinemas in India.

The film has received Rs. 926 crores worldwide and continues to be strong. But the filmmakers may have to deal with some legal implications, as some reports suggest. For strangers, it was rumored that the main character of the movie “Rocky” was really inspired by a real criminal, Thangam Pouli. The deadly criminal was shot and killed in 1997 by Karnataka police at a meeting, but now Thangam Pouli’s mother has threatened the filmmakers and asked them to sue.

If we believe the folklore, it was said that Thangam was the second most feared criminal in Karnataka, the first being the smuggler of sandalwood Veerappan. Although the characters in the film were highly fictional, some still believe that Chapter 2 of KGF is slightly inspired by the life of Thangam Pouli. His mother claims that his son’s life story was told by the creators of KGF without her permission and even claimed that the creators portrayed his son in a very negative way.

Although it is said that Poulis’s mother had already filed an objection, asking to stop the release of the second part of the film. She even shared how the creators fooled her by showing the negative side of Rocky in the first part of the film, despite the fact that the creators had promised that her son’s character would be portrayed in a positive way.

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However, creator Prashanth Neel dismissed claims that the film was based on Thangam or anyone else and revealed that the film was a mere fantasy work with no resemblance to real-life people or characters. To the unseen, Thangam had more than 40 pending cases against him and was also the savior of the poor, as depicted in the KGF. He was reportedly working in the Kolar gold mines and had even set up a small group there, going around and stealing gold from the mines. However, Thangam was shot dead by Andra Pradesh’s government in 1997 when he was just 25 years old after he ousted the government.

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