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Cineworld Belfast: Inside the new cinema that will surround fans of movies with special effects

by Stewart Cole

Cineworld Belfast opens its doors to the public in Odyssey for the first time today.

The new cinema will feature 13 state-of-the-art screens, including an IMAX Laser Amphitheater, a multi-sensory 4DX extreme cinema experience and ScreenX – which is a 270-degree screen.

This will be the first and only 4DX and ScreenX amphitheater to open in Northern Ireland.

New cinemas open before the release of blockbusters such as West Side Story, Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Matrix Resurrections.

Cineworld opens its doors to the Belfast audience today

Speaking at the opening today, Shauna Royle, CEO of Cineworld Belfast, said: We are pleased to finally open our doors to movie lovers!

“We have a wide variety of forms of projection, offering the most immersive cinematic experience in Belfast. We look forward to sharing our love of cinema with Belfast soon.”

Cineworld foyer

To celebrate the opening of the new cinema, Cineworld hosted an opening gala, where guests enjoyed food, drink and the opportunity to experience all the new experiences available at Cineworld Belfast, including 4DX, ScreenX and IMAX.

4DX, ScreenX and IMAX Laser

Available only at Cineworld, 4DX offers customers the opportunity to experience the latest movies with high-tech motion seats, designed to work in perfect sync with on-screen action.

Movie lovers will be surrounded by special effects such as wind, fog, lightning, snow, bubbles, water and perfumes. Available in 2D and 3D, 4DX is one of the greatest innovations in film technology. The new 4DX amphitheater will accommodate 172 specially designed seats.

The IMAX amphitheater will have the pioneering experience, IMAX with Laser , which offers stunning images and powerful, immersive sound to transport audiences to blockbusters like never before.

The IMAX amphitheater

The experience stands out from the next-generation 4K laser projection system, which features a new optical engine and a suite of exclusive IMAX technologies that offer increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast and the most distinctive, exotic colors ever available on -screen.

The new experience also features IMAX 12-channel audio technology with new lateral and overhead channels that offer greater dynamic range and accuracy for ultimate sound immersion.

The IMAX amphitheater

Cineworld Belfast will also feature multi-screen movie technology, ScreenX , using additional footage to extend the traditional movie screen to the side walls of the amphitheater (as pictured at the top of the article), creating a 270-degree viewing experience that will surround you in your seat.

Cineworld Belfast in the Odyssey

Innovative technology uses a range of projectors with proprietary ScreenX software, combining multiple images into one seamless image. ScreenX walls are lined with fabric to ensure that the brightness and color match the content on the main screen and extend the length of the room. Strategically placed sound systems and speakers ensure that the sound does not jeopardize the immersive viewing experience.

Full details about Cineworld Belfast are available on their website.

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