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Could San Andreas 2 With The Rock finally happen? Here is the latest

by Stewart Cole

It’s a little hard to believe that more than six years have passed since Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino and others brought San Andreas 2 on the big screen, with the film eventually grossing over $ 473,000 at the box office. The movie was showing is preparing for a sequel after its release, but as time went on it began to look more and more like a pious desire. That said, there may be a silver lining, as producer Hiram Garcia recently talked about The Rock and whether or not it could happen.

In fact, it sounds like ideas related to San Andreas 2, said producer Hiram Garcia Screenrant “Work hard” to break a second story in this space. He also stressed that the studio and production companies behind the original film are also interested.

We really have ideas. We are working there on how we can continue this story. Well, look, disaster movies are so much fun, and that was a great idea. Our friend Beau Flynn had the idea to say, “You know what? You love disaster movies. “And I would love to have the idea of ​​doing something based on a huge earthquake in the San Andreas Fault.” So New Line and Warners have always wanted a sequel to this. So we work hard to figure out how we could break something in this space. But we would like to be able to continue telling the story in this world. And I agree with you, there is something in the great flood…

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