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David Harbor confirms the delay of his new Marvel film

by Stewart Cole

Black Widow and Lightning bolts Star David Harbor has confirmed the delay of his next Marvel Studios project.

A few weeks ago, Deadline confirmed that Disney and Marvel Studios had shut down production on Lightning bolts just as he was about to leave.

The thought; The move follows the WGA writers’ strike as the organization battles studios for better compensation and protections for its members.

Both Daredevil: Born Again and A miracle man have also experienced delays in their productions due to the strike. Marvel Studios even shut down Bladewhich was in pre-production in Atlanta.

Even Spider-Man 4 is on standoff in solidarity with the WGA.

David Harbor confirms Thunderbolts delay

Thunderbolts movie poster concept art

In his Instagram page, Black Widow and Lightning bolts Star David Harbor has confirmed the delay of the next MCU movie.

The actor noted that while Lightning bolts may be delayed” That’s him “using his time wisely” shares a photo of himself at Avengers Campus at Disneyland:

“Thunderbolts may be running late, but I’m using the time wisely by dropping into the Disneyland multiverse.”

David Harbor Avengers Campus

Harbor made his MCU debut in 2021 Black Widow as Russia’s answer to Captain America, Red Guardian. He will reprise his role in 2024 Lightning bolts alongside an all-star cast of Super Soldiers and spies.

When will Thunderbolts start backing up?

Unfortunately, as it stands, there are no signs that the writer’s strike will end anytime soon. Until it is, Lightning bolts it will almost certainly remain in limbo along with its ilk Blade and Spider-Man 4.

This delay in filming will almost certainly push the film’s July 24, 2024 release date further, like many of the other upcoming MCU projects.

There’s still movement on some of Marvel Studios’ other projects. Captain America: New World Order is nearing the end of its production run and has therefore been largely unaffected. In the meantime, Deadpool 3 filming has just begun in the UK, with the strike expected to significantly affect production.

Despite slowing down now and then, Daredevil: Born Again and A miracle man they still work, at least for now.

Marvel is in a good place to ride out the storm. Even with so many productions stuck at various stages of the process, the company is sitting on a few completed projects, such as Loki season 2, Echoand Ironheart.

Hopefully both the studios and the WGA can come to an agreement sooner rather than later. However, the longer the process stretches out, the more the MCU could face even longer delays.

Lightning bolts it is currently set to hit theaters on July 24, 2024.

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