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Dear Babar, Your group reminds me of a famous Hindi song

by Joe Bourn

Let’s face it, Bob-Zee, your team is truly made for Bollywood! You see, Bollywood would love to have your team act in the movies

Dear Babar,

By now, you should be India-sick. He is not sick of India but is missing the. Very! Anyway, let’s face it, Bob-Z, your team is truly made for Bollywood! You see, Bollywood would love to have your team act in the movies, especially all time legendary actors like Saif Ali Khan or even more legendary Shahid Kapoor. Perhaps they have already acted in their brilliant lives. who else could act like professional cricketers with ‘accomplishments’ in their career! Like Abdullah Shafiq he plays an opening batsman! Love the way he falls for it in tough situations!! Like this vs Afghanistan! Granted he scored 50+ but he looked as comfortable as I was talking to my dad after he was caught smoking!!

Consider Abdullah acting alongside Shahid as one of them comedians! Shahid himself would be the main comedian, so Abdullah would have to settle for the role of the comedian fellow but the pay is good! Well, at least better than the salary you get once in 5 months from your trusted board, the PCB!!

Now, we come to the other opener, Imam Ul Huq, a scholarly looking guy who would fit well in a library filled with Urdu literature! What literature in literature, you ask? The Most Famous Authors PKR Can Buy!! So you know…ummm…you gotta help me with this Bob-Zee!! Anyway, his uncle (Inzamam, AKA Aloo) ensured that his scholarly nephew played cricket for your excellent team!! He did very well…against Nepal and the Dutch teams! I mean, these ARE groups!! This is playing cricket!! Even if this can be considered backyard cricket!!

Now, we come to the middle class, led by…YOU!! Is not no team to the world that can take you out!! Not Australia, Not England and definitely NOT India! You are a legend…as you have told us time and time again!! You are followed by players like Maulana Rizwan, most famous for his prayers and dedications of all the centuries he scores. and he has scored around 10 of them in this World Cup alone! Granted, you have only played 6 matches, but his every innings consists of his batting PLUS the prayers of ON FIELD!!

Your Lieutenant Shadab Khan is a combination of Surya Kumar Yadav AND Kuldeep Yadav! I meansurya with the ball and Kuldeep with the bat!!

Your spinners, Iftikhar and Nawaz remind me of the legendary Chandra…with the bat and Farookh Engineer with the ball!! And your pacers…the legends that they are, Afridi reminds of what Michael Holding would have been…if Ole Mike had tried bowling left-handed. the others are all your types, Bob-Zee!

So yeah, before I forget, I have to tell you what song your band reminds me of. Tu Chal, Mai Aaya (You go ahead, I’m right behind you). I’m sure you liked it Biryani in India, it may never be as good once you return to your honorable country!!

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