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Don’t Look Up the cast of the new Netflix movie – we did it for you

by Stewart Cole

Do you get a hat if you combine Jennifer Lawrence, Hellboy and an impending comet? Adam McKay’s latest catastrophic comedy, of course.

Don’t Look Up (landing on Netflix on Christmas Eve) stars Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio as two astronomers trying to warn everyone about the comet before it destroys the earth. Happy stuff, right?

As one would expect, no one takes the duo very seriously. But the film is not really about comets – director Adam McKay (known for his big hits like Vice, The Big Short and comedies including Anchorman) just used the plot as a way to talk about the climate crisis.

“I knew for the last two years that history in the human experience is the climate,” he told the LA Times. “So I tried to think of how to make a film that deals with it.”

“And then my friend David Sirota, I think he had a tweet or something that says ‘Comet is coming and nobody is giving as’.”

Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in Don’t Look Up


“He was talking about the climate crisis. And I kept thinking about it, and maybe it’s so naked and so simple. If we had this sense of impending doom – because we can all deal with it, if a comet was indeed coming – I’m not sure we would know how to handle it. We are so broken right now. And then I started to realize, “Oh, this is it.” It’s a very simple way to enter, but it’s funny. “

(LR) Tyler Perry, Scott Stuber, Jennifer Lawrence, Tomer Sisley, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Himesh Patel, Kid Cudi, Adam McKay, Ron Perlman, Kira Goldberg, Kevin Messick and Paul Guilfoyle attend “Don ‘t Look Up »World Premiere

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Aside from being a noble affair, the film also boasts one of the most popular casts of recent years (it turns out that even wealthy, comfortable actors wanted to go back there after the lockdown).

From Leo and J-Law (who apparently shot half the toothless movie) to Meryl-Streep-as-President (yes, please) – we’ve put together some of the biggest names involved to save you all this Googling in the middle. In other words, Don’t Look Up the cast – we’ve already done it for you.

Jennifer Lawrence


Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, McKay revealed that he actually made the film with J-Law in mind. “I’m a big fan since he first came on stage and it makes me laugh. So I wrote this role for her. “She was the first actress.”

Lawrence plays the role of Dr. Kate Dibiaski, an astronomy student who, along with her professor, discovers a comet pushing towards the earth.

Speaking at the New York premiere, Lawrence revealed an unexpected hurdle while filming: . That was my personal challenge. “

Leonardo di Caprio


Leo plays Lawrence’s teacher, Dr. Randall Midi. Together, the couple embark on a chaotic media tour that sees them trying to explain the meaning of impending doom to almost every other character in the film.

Environmental activist DiCaprio also joined the cast early on, drawn by the script’s environmental history.

“When I read his screenplay I knew it was incredibly unique, as it struck an important chord about the modern world we live in,” he told People magazine. “Adam put together an incredibly timely message about society, the way we communicate, our current priorities and the climate crisis in an absurdly funny but important film.”

Meryl Streep


Meryl Streep just looks like one of those people you could trust to run a country. However, as President of Orleans in Don’t Look Up, this confidence would be very misguided.

Speaking to the LA Times, McKay said of her character: “What I wanted to do with Orleans, and what I talked to Meryl about, was that I wanted to be a kind of stew from all the disastrous presidents we’ve had. ”

“Well, it’s kind of a mix – certainly of Donald Trump, of how narcissistic, selfish and short-sighted he is, but there’s a lot of Bill Clinton in there, in terms of double talk and gloss. There is plenty of George W. Bush, in the sense that he is completely inadequate for the job. There is a small pinch from Obama, the kind of smooth celebrity. Plenty of Ronald Reagan, empty suit genre. So it’s a bit of everything. That’s why we put the photo of her hug with Clinton “.

Mark Rylans


Rylance starred as tech billionaire Peter Isherwell and was “the last but certainly no less important person at the door,” according to McKay.

“One of the toughest characters in this movie is tech billionaire Peter Isherwell just because, once again, real tech billionaires are so extreme and weird. In the case of such outspoken superheroes as Mark Zuckerberg, it was really hard to imagine these people without just looking like a 1960s DC comic.

“I will never forget the day we officially knew Mark Rylance was here. Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio were both with me when I said, oh, Rylance is in, Meryl Streep is gone, yes! And she drew her fist. Leo said oh, I can not believe it. So, if you want to know who the actor who excites two of the most important actors on the planet is, is Mark Rylance.

Jonah Hill


Hill plays Jason Orleans, the son of President Orleans and Chief of Staff. “I had to get him to play Jason,” McKay explained. “No one else could play that role.”

Speaking of an early scene in the film, a surreal back and forth in the Oval Office that was largely improvised, he added: “Jonah Hill is one of the great film improvisers and that inspired Jen and Leo to throw things away. inside, and Rob Morgan as well. We shot this scene for two days and the first cut was 16 minutes and I never got tired of watching it. “

Timothée Chalamet


The ubiquitous man of the moment, Chalamet has added another string to his bow with Yule’s side.

It is not entirely clear what this role will involve, but images from a scene in a supermarket and a kiss with Lawrence herself have been released, so it is fair to say that it will probably be quite different.

Ariana Grande and Scott Mescudi (AKA Kid Cudi)


In addition to collaborating on a single for the soundtrack, both musicians also star in the film – also musicians. Grande plays Riley Bina, a pop star, and Mescudi appears as DJ Chello.

Lawrence has since admitted to going with a Grande full-back while on set: “I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Ariana Grande ever since. I went winner in a full radio contest. I was so excited and nervous that at one point, I just went into her hotel room and sat down. “I’ve just been thinking about it a lot lately.”

Cate Blanchett


Blanchett takes on the role of Brie Evantee, a morning talk show host who laughs at the news of the impending disaster. As you do.

Ron Perlman


We told you that Hellboy would be in the mix sooner or later! Perlman appears as Colonel Ben Drask.

With Tyler Perry, Chris Evans, Matthew Perry, Rob Morgan, Himesh Patel, Tomer Sisley, Melanie Lynskey, Gina Gershon, Michael Chiklis and Paul Guilfoyle also starring, Don’t Look Up promises to be an extremely glamorous affair. Maybe this is what the climate crisis needs?

Don’t Look Up hits theaters on Friday, December 10 and will be available on Netflix from Christmas Eve

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