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Drive to the cinema showing latest movies after decades

by Stewart Cole

A nonprofit group called Save Our Screen says it will reopen in the space next year under the drive-in’s original name, Parkside.

OREGON, Ohio — The Sundance Drive-In (formerly known as the Sundance Kid Drive-In) across from Pearson Park in Oregon showed their latest movies on Saturday night.

The theater announced their closure Facebook page on Friday night, although it has been known for months that this was likely to be their final season.

Cars full of movie fans drove through the gate to catch a movie on the twin screens and say goodbye to Sundance for the last time.

Sundance Drive-In was originally called Parkside Drive-In when it opened in 1949 according to their website.

One of eight drive-ins in the Toledo area built in the 1940s and 1950s, Sundance was the last one standing, providing the opportunity for younger generations of Northwest Ohioans to experience a uniquely American past.

Sundance says it will continue to sell theater-related merchandise through e-mail.

However, it may not be the end for outdoor movie screenings at the Navarre Avenue location.

Call a non-profit group Save our screen was working to raise enough money to buy the land Sundance sits on in order to reopen the theater as the Parkside Drive-In once again.

On Thursday, the complex announced it will open as Parkside in 2023.

Save Our Screen also plans to open a Drive-In Museum at the site.

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