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EXCLUSIVE: Nushrratt Bharuccha appeared in Chhorii without reading the script. “There were times when I did not know where the camera was”: Bollywood News

by Stewart Cole

Nusshratt Bharuccha’s Human Horror Movie Chhorii Amazon Prime Video is currently streaming. The film tells the story of a heavily pregnant Sakshi (Nushrratt Bharuccha) who tries to escape from a secluded house standing in the center of a cane field. For the film, Nushrratt took a whole new approach. The actress played without reading the script and completely ignoring what will happen next in the story. “A thriller will excite you and the horror will only scare you when you do not know what will happen next, because the fear is for the unknown,” Nushrratt said in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama.

“With every film, I try to find a new approach or a new method to make the character, to get to know the character or to become the character. Sometimes the directors have a clear vision and they tell you what to do and that helps me. I can I’m going to get out of it and I can be a different character.But there are times when you have to find your own way to get into the character skin.For this movie what I did was not watch the original movie at all.So I do not know what “I’m not going to read the script of this movie. Basically make the movie without knowing what will happen next in the movie. For me this is the life of a thriller,” Nusshratt said in a zoom call. her new approach to Chhorii.

“I was lost on set. I was in the dark on set. I did not know what would happen from where or what they would do. My reactions and expressions came from a real space because there were only reactions in that minute. They did not think, they did not rehearse. “It was literally out of the ordinary, which for me was a different approach.”

Nushrratt also said it would not have been possible for her to attempt this approach without the help of the film crew and her co-stars, who said they guided her through the film and gave only as many details as she wanted to know without losing her vulnerability. “There were times when I did not know where the camera was and what they were shooting,” he said.

So how did Nushrratt sign the film without reading the script? “I knew a line. For example, ‘A girl is stuck and wants to escape.’ “The line of the film was very strong for me. The final message is important. That connected me to the film and that’s why I wanted to make the film,” he revealed.

The film was shot in a house built in the middle of a sugarcane field in a small town in Pipariya in Madhya Pradesh. Shooting in a real location allowed Nushrratt to experience the character, so much so that it took her two months to detach from the character. “Some actors can turn on and off between movies and shooting. I do not know how to do that. So I take these feelings so deeply or I make them myself so much that I live it. When I live it, it is very difficult for me to get away from it ChhoriiIt took me two months after I came to Mumbai to log out of Chhorii. “To forget what I did on set and what I felt on set, to forget what I lived through these 30 days,” he said.

Chhorii is the remake of the successful Marathi movie Lapachapi. Both films are directed by Vishal Furia. Speaking about working with Vishal, Nushrratt said: “Mr. Vishal is one of those directors who really loves the horror genre. He has a real passion and respect for it. Therefore, he is very conscious and very responsible for everything. “What he does and what he wants. In that sense, we felt we were in the right hands with someone who really wanted to change the language of horror.”

“If you make a film, then there is no one better than the same director to adapt it, as he knows the spirit and soul of the film and translates it into a remake of the film,” he added.

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