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Freddy Daruwala reveals the truth about the “hostage” situation at the Varanasi Hotel | Bollywood

by Stewart Cole

Actor Freddy Daruwala clears the air of the recent incident with the cast and crew of Guddu Ki Girlfriend’s upcoming film.

It was a mess for actor Freddy Daruwala and his upcoming film crew Guddu Ki Girlfriend recently. News began to spread that all of them were being held hostage by the hotel authorities – where the filmmakers placed them – in Varanasi, due to non-payment of fees.

Concerning what exactly happened, Daruwala tells us, “Homer is a very strong statement. It was not that the hotel was in a state of terror. I would not call it a hostage situation. In movies, sometimes there are payment issues, dates can go up and down (schedules change). If the producer is young, he does not have the same credibility as a reputable producer or (well-known) production company “.

On November 12, the hotel authorities asked the cast and crew not to check out of the hotel until everything was in order. “It was a request. They did not say, “Hamari bandook ke saamne se agar hilne ki koshish ki toh goli se bhoon dunga” (laughs). “Everything is in order over time,” said the actor, who nevertheless left the hotel and returned home.

“I was asked not to do it. They said: “Lord, agar nahin karo toh aha hai”. But I did it because woh log rock nahi sakte. They are not criminals. But yes, few things happened in those three or four hours. “I do not know if the rest of the crew was released or something like that,” Daruwala added.

Actor Sukesh Anand, who is also part of the film, reportedly said he would not finish filming and contacted actor Nupur Alankar, who then tweeted to Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

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