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Glashütte Original Brings Its Secrets to Life in New Watchmaking

by Stewart Cole

Ever wondered what goes into the making of a fine watch? Especially one made entirely (well, 95 percent) in-house from scratch. German watch brand Glashütte Original gives watch lovers a look into the Saxony region of Manufacture to show how much time, effort and work goes into each of its timepieces. The brand has just been revealed a three and a half minute video which pays homage to the art of German watchmaking.

With the motto “Proud to be the original”, this leading brand in the German city of Glashütte traces its roots back to 1845, when it started making mechanical watches. As such, today’s watches feature many features that are indicative of the region, such as a German quarter plate and swan neck bridges. The film shows these signature pieces being made – revealing the soul of the brand behind the scenes.

The film follows the men and women of Glashütte Original who make not only the watches, but also the tools needed to make the watch components, to hold the watch parts together as they are examined, engraved, finished, engraved and more . From sketching and computer-aided designs, to creating tiny components that are hand-finished and assembled by hand to form the heart of the watch, the case, dial construction and even the creation of the hands – the film follows the birth of reality within what could be considered hallowed halls.

The filmmakers had access to all parts of the Manufacture, from the design department to the tool making workshops, movement and watch assembly and more. Even all aspects of dial creation – from the cutting of the dial and sub-dials, the stills and the finished film celebrate the brand and offer insights and even a new appreciation that few ever get to see.

Because Glashutte Original claims the Made in Germany stamp, the brand creates almost everything for each of its watches in-house — from tiny screws to cases and more. He does not, however, make his own crystals or straps in house. In Saxony, there are several buildings that house the different department, including one for headquarters and administrative offices, one for parts, movement and watchmaking, and another for dial manufacturing. Strict quality controls are maintained at every stage of manufacturing a Glasshütte watch.

The brand’s new film was created to serve as part of Glashütte Original’s marketing campaign launched just last year, in early 2022: Proud to be the Original. The campaign has multiple meanings, including the fact that the brand was one of the original companies founded in the Saxony region in the mid-1800s, including that the brand creates innovative and original watches and that the people who wear Glashütte Original watches are all unique individuals by themselves.

The brand is also focusing on social media, #ManufactorySunday, where every four weeks one of the six values ​​that inspire the brand will be looked at more closely. These values: beauty, excellence, originality, tradition, modernity and exclusivity.

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