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Glitter Magazine | Johnny Depp breaks down in tears as his new film gets a standing ovation

by Stewart Cole

Johnny Depp was seen visibly teary-eyed when his latest film, Jeanne du Barry, received applause. The ovation ran for seven minutes at the 76th annual Cannes Film Festival.

“Preparing for its world premiere Jeanne du Barrydirected by + starring Maïwenn opposite Johnny Depp, opening the 76th Cannes Film Festival tonight,” said Nikki Fowler, Editor-in-Chief of Glitter, he tweeted from Cannes.

Jeanne du Barry stars Maïwenn, who plays Jeanne Vaubernier, a working woman in 18th century France. Maïwenn’s character defies social expectations and climbs the social ladder to become the mistress of King Louis XV. However, her lower-class origins set her apart and subject her to social exclusion within the king’s court.

Variety mentionted that Johnny Depp, who plays King Louis IV, “held back tears” as the crowd applauded his performance. He expressed his gratitude by waving to the audience and seemed pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response.

Cannes was a major moment for Johnny Depp as he bounced back after years of legal battles and a tumultuous divorce from ex-wife Amber Heard. However, the past seemed insignificant as countless fans hugged him, giving him a reception befitting a true movie star.

Although Depp is seen tearing up while holding his hands over his face before hugging the director, the film’s cast and crew also received some backlash. Maïwenn, the film’s director, made headlines for attacking a journalist. Edwy Plenel, the editor-in-chief of Mediapart magazine, filed a complaint against Maïwenn, who admitted to spitting in his face during a meal in a restaurant.

Thierry Fremaux, the Cannes director, too face to face criticism of the choice of Depp’s film as the festival’s opening film, given the recent allegations made by Amber Heard during her libel trial last year. Responding to criticism, himself declare yourself “We only know one thing, it’s the court system and I think he won the legal case.”

click herein case you haven’t already watched its trailer Jeanne du Barry Yet.

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