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Greta Gerwig says her next movie is already Giving Her Nightmares — World of Reel

by Stewart Cole

Greta Gerwig is so scared about working on her next movie that she’s having nightmares about it.

While she didn’t elaborate on what that next project might be, in a recent interview at the BFI London Film Festival, Gerwig mentioned that work on her post-‘Barbie’ movie is already underway:

“I’m working on something right now. It’s difficult and I have recurring nightmares.”

Although Gerwig is credited as a writer on Disney’s upcoming live-action “Snow White,” she is not the director. So we have to assume she’s probably talking about her upcoming “Chronicles of Narnia” movie, which, if I were her, would also cause me endless anxiety. It’s quite the undertaking.

In response to a question about whether her upcoming project would portray a female perspective like in “Lady Bird,” “Little Women” and “Barbie,” Gerwig said, “I didn’t intend for them to be that way. But I’m extremely interested in life of girls and women”.

Gerwig undersigned for “Narnia” many months before “Barbie” was released to the public. I don’t think she realized at the time how big ‘Barbie’ would become. Now he’s inked a deal with Netflix to write and direct “at least two movies” based on CS Lewis’ fantasy stories.

Of course, you can believe that Gerwig is talented behind the camera and that she shouldn’t be doing these childish adaptations. Will it bring something new to “Narnia,” which has adapted to death on screen — maybe? People doubted that she could put a new spin on “Barbie,” but she clearly did something original with the IP she was given.

Still, if you were in Gerwig’s shoes, which doesn’t sound like the most popular film of the year, wouldn’t you also have nightmares about adapting and directing two Narnia films?

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