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Is Love and Thunder Thor’s latest film?

by Stewart Cole

through Marvel Studios

How much Thor it’s too much?

The idea seems absurd, but it is understandable that there is a sweet spot when it comes to superhero releases. Thor goes to the movies for his fourth solo film Thor: Love and Thunder, a move that will mark Marvel’s first solo quartet. The character’s popularity has skyrocketed since its release Thor: Ragnarokhowever, fans just can’t get enough of the silly, beautiful god of thunder.

The man behind – or rather in front – of the perfectly chipped ass that is about to make his debut in Love and Thunder but may have different feelings. Chris Hemsworth has spent more than a decade as MCU’s Thor and his time in the role may be coming to an end. He has revealed, after many interviews, that he is not sure about his future in the franchise. During an autoresponder interview on Wired, he teased Love and Thunder could be his final Thor movie, noting – answering a question about his “latest Marvel movie” – that “the one I just made was Thor: Love and Thunderand it may be my last, I do not know. “

This phrase causes panic among Hemsworth fans, as viewers face a possible future without Thor. Hemsworth’s words present a very real possibility, and a possibility supported by several recent moves by Marvel. The idea that Love and Thunder could see Hemsworth’s final appearance at MCU would honestly follow the current direction of the franchise, which has largely seen the original cast replaced by fresh faces. And with Love and Thunder ready to introduce Natalie Portman as the Mighty Thor, it seems that the god of thunder can come out.

But Hemsworth’s possible departure could mean his end Thor franchise for good? Or will Asgard’s story continue even when the big Australian says his last sentence?

I will Love and Thunder is it Thor’s latest movie?

A future without Thor is hard to imagine, after more than a decade of Hemsworth’s perfect portrayal, but it is a real possibility. While the general public would welcome another decade – or two – of Hemsworth Thor, it’s valid if the 38-year-old Hemsworth is ready to shift gears. While it has been involved in many non-MCU projects over the years, the Marvel franchise is notoriously demanding. We can’t blame him for wanting to leave, as many other Marvel MVPs are going to do during spin-off series, movies and projects.

Even if he leaves following Love and Thunderhowever, the lack of OG Thor does not mean its end Thor privilege. Love and Thunder is ready to introduce Portman Mighty Thor, finally, a character that is very likely to persist even after his last appearance.

In the latest Marvel releases, almost the entire original team – Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Hawkeye and Thor – pass the torch on to the next generation of heroes. Iron Man largely passed this cloak on Spider-Man, but There is no way home may mean that the nickname Iron Man will go to someone else (see the expected release of one Iron heart work). Cap shield is in new hands from Disney Plus » Falcon and the Winter Soldiera new Black Widow officially entered the scene with both Black Widow film and Hawkeye, and the latter also saw the introduction of Kate Bishop, the new Hawkeye. His release She-Hulk later this year we will see the debut of a new big green anger machine, and Love and Thunder seems to do the same with Mighty Thor.

A new era is underway at Marvel and requires new heroes.

What this probably means is that Hemsworth is actually on his way to the MCU. What it does not mean, however, is that Love and Thunder will be the final Thor film. The franchise is guaranteed to continue through Mighty Thor, Valkyrie and other favorite characters of the crowd, as well as the other favorite members of the group. Their impact will continue through mentors, family members and co-workers who continue with the good work they started.

The best possible result, according to this author, will not see Hemsworth leave the MCU completely, but will see him separate himself from the MCU. Thor franchise in general. With Mighty Thor there to get his much-needed cloak, and Valkyrie fully responsible for Asgard, there is nothing that could keep Thor tied to his previous home and duties. Instead, what if he left and became part of a completely different franchise? You know where I go with this.

Personally, I would love to see Thor retire from the original franchise that follows Love and Thunderand instead go to Guardians of the Galaxy. He has already bonded with the band – and is set to appear in his forthcoming fourth film – and the audience was absolutely obsessed with the chemistry between Hemsworth and characters like Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Star-Lord. If he had to turn to Guards franchise, instead of losing the MCU completely, fans would be happy with the best possible result – the Thor The franchise would follow suit with the rest of the MCU, transferring the responsibility of heroism to a new group of heroes, but the fans’ favorite character would insist on a new team.

Very few fans are ready to say goodbye to Thors of Hemsworth – especially since Taika Waititi has brilliantly re-imagined the character in Ragnarok – but we recognize that his days as an autonomous hero may be over. Does this have to mean his final departure from the MCU in general? We do not think so.

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