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Is Salman Khan waiting to receive the Tiger 3 as he plans to meet fans in theaters?

by Stewart Cole
Salman Khan delays download of Tiger 3 (Photo: Instagram / Facebook)

Salman Khan gets all the praise for his role as Rajveer Singh in Antim. He appears in an extended cameo in the film, led by Aayush Sharma. Now, he has learned that he will be busy with the post-release promotions, putting the shooting of Tiger 3 on hold.

Although Antim has not won tickets, the film does a decent job considering the low budget and marketing. More than numbers, it’s the praise of the world for the film that has really touched Salman and everyone involved in the film.

Now, it is learned that Salman Khan will promote Antim after its release in major cities of India. It is usually rare to see Salman promote a film after its release. It may be due to the positive reactions to his latest release that encouraged him to do so. It is also known that the actor will encourage people to watch movies in cinemas as they did before the pandemic.

Salman Khan will visit Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Indore, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and other cities with Antim director Mahesh Manjrekar. He will meet fans in the theaters. For the same, the actor asked for a week off from Tiger 3, after which he will return to the set.

Aayush Sharma will also promote the film in cities such as Bombay, Pune and Rajasthan.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan recently completed a long program for the Tiger 3’s exterior, which lasted more than a month and a half. Together with Katrina Kaif, they fired in many places such as Turkey, Russia and Austria. Interestingly, it is rumored that Emraan Hashmi will play the villain in the film. Although he has not yet agreed to star in the film Tiger, he flew to Turkey shortly after filming began in Turkey for Salman and Katrina.

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