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Is There A Live-Action Atlantis Movie Coming Soon? The new conjecture is explained

by Stewart Cole

Viral images of a live-action version of Disney Atlantis: The Lost Empire has fans wondering if a remake is coming.

The 2001 animated film followed Milo Thatch, a paper cartographer voiced by Michael J. Fox, who leads a group of mercenaries to the lost city of Atlantis.

Is Disney Developing A Live Action Atlantis?


Unfortunately, live action images Atlantis: The Lost Empireincluding images of Millie Bobby Brown as Kida, are fake and only AI renderings of what a remake of the animated film might look like.

Plus, a live action Atlantis: The Lost Empire is not among Disney’s upcoming remakes, which include Snow White, Moanaand Lilo & Stitch.

Interestingly, public interest in a remake isn’t exclusive to recent AI images or fan posts. Kirk Wise, one of the directors of the animated film, shut down rumors of a 2020 remake.

According to him (via MovieWeb), news of if Atlantis remake “been strictly online:”

“The only rumor I’ve heard so far that Atlantis is being approached as a live-action movie has been strictly online. I haven’t gotten any independent confirmation of that.”

Gary Trousdale, another of Atlantis: The Lost EmpireIts directors confirmed Disney’s indifference, noting that “Atlantis was not at the box office:”

“I’ve actually heard the opposite, that at the last big convention where Disney presents its five-year plan [D23 Expo]that “Atlantis” was not in the box office.

Will Disney Ever Develop a Live-Action Atlantis?

While Kirk Wise and Gary Trousdale’s comments are several years old, and despite continued interest in a Atlantis repeat, there’s still no evidence that Disney has greenlit a live-action version of the early 2000s film.

Whether that will change is unknown, especially since Disney’s live-action remakes continue to draw criticism from fans for exploiting nostalgia.

However, given that Atlantis: The Lost Empire failed to deliver at the box office in 2001, it would be interesting to see if a live-action version could top the original.

For fans who want to live Atlantis out of animation, the following is a fan made movie that adapted the beginning of the original movie with Milo:

Atlantis: The Lost Empire airs on Disney+.

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