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Jackie Chan was spotted in Montreal filming the new movie ‘Karate Kid’.

by Stewart Cole

Jackie Chan is currently in Montreal filming his next installment Karate Kid series of films alongside Ben Wang, Ralph Macchio and Ming-Na Wen, to name a few.

News broke in April that the film would be shot in Montreal in collaboration with Grandé Studios, a Montreal-based production company. “Karate Kid has begun production at our studios here in Montreal! We are honored to host Sony Pictures and the amazing crew of this new film,” wrote Grandé Studio on Instagram page back on April 4th.

The iconic actor, who will reprise his role as Mr. Khan in the upcoming film, was spotted in various locations throughout Montreal, including the Old Port during filming and a restaurant in Montreal.

In one video, Chan is seen crossing the street near rue Notre-Dame O., in the Old Port, between rue Saint-Francois Xavier and rue Saint-Pierre.

Wearing a matching set in a neutral tone, Chan is seen walking straight to the film set, shaking hands with a crew member and strolling around the Old Port area.

In a separate clip, Chan was seen partying it up at a Montreal restaurant. While the restaurant has yet to be confirmed, it appears to be Moretti’s in Old Montreal. These chairs, open windows and hanging lights are easily the gift.

The actor can be seen wearing a white T-shirt and glasses while dancing to Jacko and Tiesto’s ‘Jackie Chan’ — an iconic moment even for Chan. The Karate Kid The star was not alone and enjoyed the evening surrounded by friends and colleagues.

The shooting schedule for Karate Kid takes place from April to June, meaning this is likely the last we’ll see of Chan in Montreal…for now.

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