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Jamie Dornan returns to Belfast, but not without worries

by Stewart Cole

Dornan knows that because of “Fifty Shades”, his most ardent fans are women and gay men. When straight guys ask for his photo, he can still feel their skepticism. “They always say, ‘Obviously not for me, I’m a straight man and I have a wife’ or ‘I have a girlfriend and she likes it, that’s why photography happens,'” he said. “What have I done, three war movies? You would think this could help me a little with straight men, but probably not. I think you have to be in this world of comics to really get their attention. “

On this front, Dornan tries and is for a while (even before “The Fall”, he auditioned for Superman, a role he lost to Henry Cavill). Getting a superhero role now would give him the opportunity to return to franchise films not as a newcomer desperate for a position, but as an established actor who has shown what he can do. And he knows that the narrow path exists because Robert Pattinson managed to walk it, going from the conqueror of “Twilight” to an indie movie star with such sadness that he turned his back and used his newly discovered credibility to win him over. role of the title in “The Batman.”

“I would be lying if I did not admit that I felt he and his people played it very cleverly,” Dornan said of Pattinson, who is a friend. “Everything he has done since ‘Twilight’ was very clever and beautifully crafted, and these films would not be funded by his name if he had not starred in these multi-billion dollar films.”

Dornan is open to the movies he wants and has met with Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige to wear a cape and tights. “I am more ambitious than I have ever seen,” Dornan said. Part of it is becoming a parent. “It is like a necessity to deliver and offer, very cavernous: I have to succeed for these precious little people. Also, since my father died, he has lit this extra fire inside me, this extra burning of the desire to succeed “.

This desire is not to win the love he never received. “My dad used to say this endless times every day of my life, so I’m not trying to do that,” Dornan said. “But for some reason, after he left, I have a strange thing about wanting to prove something to myself, to prove some kind of succession that is impressive.” And now that he has channeled his own father, shouldn’t there be some other heroes at the table?

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