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Jane Cambion criticizes superhero movies: “I really hate them” | Jane Campion

by Stewart Cole

Jane Campion has spoken out against superhero movies, calling them “noisy” and “ridiculous.”

The Oscar-winning writer-director of The Piano was asked about her thoughts on the genre at a recent screening of her new Netflix-winning drama The Power of the Dog.

“I hate them,” he said Variety. “I really hate them”

When asked if he would ever consider jumping, he gave a firm answer. “I think it’s safe to say I will never do that,” he said. “They are so noisy and ridiculous. Sometimes you laugh well, but I do not know what happens to capes, an adult man in tights. I feel it must have come from pantomime. “

In September, Campion told Hollywood Reporter that he would never make one because he does not need the money. “I don’t see so many people going back to smaller budgets as soon as they come out and make a great Marvel movie,” he added. “I think it’s hard to go back to personal stories.”

Cambion is the latest acclaimed director to criticize superhero films, following Martin Scorsese, who compared them to “theme parks” in 2019, and Ridley Scott, who called them “boring like shit” earlier this month. Both Marvel and DC have tried to bring in more creators, most recently Chlo√© Zhao, the Oscar-winning director Nomadland at Eternals this month. But the film has become the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the worst reviews to date.

The Power of the Dog is Campion’s first film since 2009’s Bright Star and is one of the pioneers for next year’s Academy Award for Best Picture. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a sexually oppressed breeder who develops a bizarre charm with a young man effect. Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw gave him five stars and called him one of Campion’s best.

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