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Jane Campion will never direct a superhero movie: “I Hate Them”

by Stewart Cole

Welcome to “Just for Variety” this week.

Jane Campion he is not a fan of superhero movies. “I hate them,” the Oscar-winning woman told me at the AFI Fest screening of her new drama, “The Power of the Dog.” “I really hate them.”

Campion said her thoughts when I asked her if she would be interested in directing a superhero movie. “I think it’s safe to say I will never do that,” he said, adding, “They are so noisy and ridiculous. Sometimes you laugh well, but I do not know what happens to capes, an adult man in tights. I feel it must have come from pantomime. “

Campion’s remarks come a little over a year later Martin Scorsese created a storm of controversy with comments about the MCU when he told Empire magazine, “I do not see them. I tried, you know? But this is not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of, no matter how well-made, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, are the theme parks. “It’s not the cinema of people trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another person.”

Pedro Almodovar However, he tells me that he would not mind offering his opinion on superheroes. “I would like to do something with Batgirl, but I have to do it my own way,” he said at the AFI Fest screening of “Parallel Mothers.”

Amanda Gorman reaches the InStyle 2021 awards.

Inauguration Day Poet Amanda Gorman is not ready to share details, but reveals that she is writing a screenplay. “I can not tell you what it’s because my agent will be so angry, but I was always excited to explore many art forms,” ​​he told me at the InStyle Awards. “I love poetry. I love writing novels. I love the script. He’s just trying to be good at them too. It takes practice. ” Gorman also remembered the first time she received a message from Winfrey Opera“I was like, ‘Is this true?’ It’s her;”. But then he called me and said “Hello, Amanda”. “So I knew it was her.”

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Melissa McCarthy reaches the InStyle 2021 Awards.
Courtesy: InStyle

Also in InStyle, I caught on Melissa McCarthy, which went viral last night because she was seen crying in her audience AdelThe CBS special concert after the delivery of champagne to the couple who got engaged during the show. A producer asked her before the show started if she could handle the bubble. McCarthy laughed, “I would have corrected this low camera angle if I had known.” Now the Oscar nominee is offering to marry the couple. “I was just having my first wedding!” he said. “I am a minister now. You need me? Call me! “PS McCarthy also opened when she hit the InStyle carpet before being honored with the Icon Award. Click here for all my exclusive information.

Jason Reitman was photographed at PMC Studio in Los Angeles for Variety.

Jason Wrightman may have become a man during his mitzvah bar, but this does not compare to the direction of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”, his father’s new restart Ivan Reitmanclassic comedy franchise. “It was much better than my mitzvah bar,” says Reitman. “I was this 13 year old nerdy dweeb who could not dance. My voice [was] I was crunching as I read the story of Noah. ” He also says he has ideas for more “Ghostbusters” movies. “Anyone who grew up watching ‘Ghostbusters’ was always thinking about the ‘Ghostbusters’ movies they want to see,” he said. “There’s something about ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ – it’s a bit of a fan movie. This is literally the movie I probably played in my mind as a kid. I want to see more. “I want to see ‘Ghostbusters’ films from all my favorite directors.”

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