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Jessica Alba’s ‘Trigger Warning’ among the new movies on Netflix this week

by Stewart Cole

Activation warning—Jessica Alba’s first new film in five years—is among the movies coming to Netflix this week.

Alba—whose film credits include; Valentine’s Day, Machete and The Fantastic Four-last seen in the 2019 crime mystery Killers Anonymous opposite Gary Oldman.

Directed by Mouly Surya, Activation warning premieres on Netflix on Friday. The official logline for the film reads: “Special Forces commando Parker (Jessica Alba) is on active duty overseas when she is called back to her hometown with the tragic news that her father has died suddenly.”

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The logline continues: “Now the owner of the family bar, Parker reconnects with her ex-boyfriend-turned-sheriff Jesse (Mark Webber), his hot-headed brother Elvis (Jake Weary) and their powerful father, Senator Swann (Anthony Michael Hall ), as she looks to figure out what really happened to her dad.”

In addition, the official description for Activation warning notes that Parker finds herself at odds with a violent gang wreaking havoc on her hometown.

As such, Parker uses her commando skills while investigating her father’s murder and recruits her undercover partner/hacker Spider (Tone Bell) and a connected local dealer, Mike (Gabriel Basso), to help.

“Fifty Shades of Grey,” Netflix Original Documentary “Black Barbie” Also New This Week

Also debuting on Netflix this week is the 2018 Steve Carell fantasy drama Welcome to Marwenwhich starts on Sunday.

Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara’s 2015 drama debuts on Monday Carol, which earned Academy Award nominations for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, respectively. Carol is among the 10 best-reviewed new movies on Netflix in June.

Meanwhile, the critically panned but financially successful 2015 romantic thriller Fifty Shades of Gray— starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan — premieres on the streamer on Tuesday.

The June federal holiday on Wednesday marks its premiere Black barbiea Netflix original documentary chronicling the impact three black women at Mattel had on the evolution of the Barbie doll brand.

Also debuting on the streamer on Wednesday is the 2017 animated hit The LEGO Batman Movie and the fantasy of 2023 Kleks Academy.

Thursday marks the premiere of the Netflix original documentary The accidental twinsalong with the Netflix original crime thriller Gangs of Galicia. The indie drama of 2022 After the SUN— which earned Paul Mescal a Best Actor Oscar nomination — also debuts on the streaming service on Thursday.

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