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John Wick 4 – Critics: Bloodiest Movie Of The Last 10 Years

by Stewart Cole

Hollywood movie John Wick 4, starring Keanu Reeves, is causing havoc at the Indian box office. The film has crossed the collections of all the previous parts of John Wick in just two days. Critics have also loved the film saying it is the bloodiest film of the last ten years. Currently, it has scored 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The franchise narrates the lives of assassins, more so John Wick, and makes you feel the tiniest heartbeats of these merciless killers. The movie surprisingly makes you fall in love with the game of death, which is played with guns, blades, nunchaku, axe, cards and even a pencil!

According to the sources, all the criminals that the audience sees in John Wick 4 are real criminals and real mafias who were hired for huge amounts of money to add realism to the film.

The film’s pulsating and haunting background score makes the audience experience the rollercoaster of emotions that the characters go through. Despite being over the top, the action scenes are completely believable, which shows the effort that has been put in behind the scenes. Kudos to the work ethic of the entire John Wick 4 cast and crew.

Looking forward to Chapter 5.

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