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Jordan Peel’s new film “No” has completed production

by Stewart Cole

A few years ago, Jordan Peel was best known as a half-comic duo sketch with Keegan-Michael Key, but is now widely regarded and praised as one of the most brilliant film production talents of his generation.

This is the same for the course when they explode on stage with a movie like Get out, which grossed $ 255 million at the box office with a budget of less than $ 5 million before reaching four Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Picture, with Peele leaving as the winner of Best Original Screenplay.

He followed it with the socially aware but still scary Us, which was another critical and commercial slam dunk, so whatever he does from now on will be burdened with intense hype and even higher expectations. A report from Variety revealed that his next feature No officially completed production, in view of its release in cinemas in July next year.

The details of the plot are non-existent and will undoubtedly remain so until the film arrives, but we know that Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun will play the three leading roles. If his two previous directing efforts are indicative, then we expect something special No crashes in cinemas in the summer.

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