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Josephine Langford’s upcoming film ‘The Other Zoey’: What to Know

by Stewart Cole

Josephine LangfordHis star is on the rise after his success After movies — and The other Zoe is her newest work making headlines.

The rom-com follows college student Zoey (Langford) as she navigates dates after a case of mistaken identity. She begins to rethink her attitude about love when another student mistakes her for his girlfriend, also named Zoey.

The other Zoe is one of Langford’s many projects following her breakthrough role in After movie franchise. Since giving birth to Tessa Young, the actress has been on the rise Moxie and Gigi & Nate. He also played roles on the small screen Day by day and In the dark.

The After films, which are based on a series of books written by Anna Toddexplores the tumultuous relationship between Tessa and her mysterious fellow student Hardin (Hero Fiennes). The story focuses on the couple’s complicated love story and follows them into adulthood.

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Langford recently made headlines when she was noticeably absent from the latest film, After allwhich was released in September 2023. Her character appeared largely in flashback format using existing footage of Langford.

Even before fans began questioning Langford’s absence, she noted that she was unsure of her plans to return.

“I would come back if it was important and meaningful,” she explained to StyleCaster in September 2021. “I’m not a fan of overstaying your welcome. Sometimes it can detract from a good thing if you create something and it’s canon and has no reason. I would be very, very, very happy to come back under the right circumstances and if it made sense.”

Scroll down for details on Langford’s newest project:

What is The Other Zoey?

Josephine Langford. JB Lacroix/WireImage/Getty Images

According to the synopsis, Zoey is a college student who finds herself in an unexpected predicament when her popular classmate Zach (Drew Starkey) gets amnesia and mistakes Zoe as his girlfriend. Zoe can’t make sense of the situation and immediately ends up in a love triangle when she meets Zach’s cousin Miles (Archie Renaux).

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When will The Other Zoey be released?

The film is scheduled to open in theaters on October 20, 2023, and later on order on November 10, 2023.

Who else stars in The Other Zoey?

Drew Starkey, Archie Renaux. Getty Images (2)

In addition to Langford, Starkey and Renaux, the cast is rounded out with Mallory Johnson, Patrick Fabian, Heather Graham and Andy McDowell.

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How did Josephine Langford’s time affect her approach to future projects?

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin in ‘After’. YouTube

“I learned a lot about what to do and what not to do. I had never been in a movie before this,” the actress told StyleCaster in September 2021. “There are so many little things that no one teaches you and no one can teach you about how the sets work and all that intricacies, back— the scenes. Some of these lessons are invaluable. I also grew up with these movies. He’s taught me a lot and I’m very grateful for that.”

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