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Knives Out and Glass Onion director unveils new subtitle for future films

by Stewart Cole

With the only narrative connective tissue from Knives out in its sequel is Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc, writer/director Rian Johnson recently noted how, while his sequel Glass onion won the subtitle A Knives Out Mystery, would like to see the series embrace the subtitle “A Benoit Blanc Mystery.” The filmmaker previously expressed his disappointment at the inclusion Knives out in the title of its sequel, although he understood the reason for this, although with a new subtitle that focuses less on the original film and more on the iconic character, it would allow each film to feel more distinct and disconnected from one another.

When we talk to The Filmcast about Glass onionin his caption, Johnson expressed, “The thing is, though, I totally get it. It’s not like it was against my will or anything. I totally get it. Because after the first movie, I think people knew that they liked Knives out [but] they didn’t necessarily know it well enough to know who Benoit Blanc was. I think that would be a blank stare. And I wanted everyone they loved Knives out you should know that [Glass Onion] is the next of these. So I was absolutely 100% on board and we fully understood that we had to do this.”

And he continued, “But it’s also killing me a little and I want to see how quickly we can lose this subtitle. Once we can get past them and get to ‘A Benoit Blanc Mystery’… and I’ll say, with that, with the reach of Netflix and how many more people I feel have seen it and the more I feel it’s actually in the culture, we’re at least getting closer to being able to get away with it. A Benoit Blanc mystery’ and people will know what we’re talking about.”

A third film is confirmed to be on the way, but it’s unknown at this time if that entry will be able to spin from the current subtitle to what Johnson most recently suggested. The director had already said, however, that there will be some big changes for the third installment.

“I’m making the next one [Benoit Blanc movie] Next because it is the most exciting thing now to me. That has served me very well,” Johnson detailed in Empire Magazine earlier this month. “I feel like any movie I do, I have to do it because I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m going into the next Benoit Blanc because I can’t think of another story.”

He continued, “I have a big cloud of ideas, but they haven’t all come into focus yet… It’s exciting, though, and it’s very, very different from that. That’s what excites me.”

Stay tuned for details Knives out 3.

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