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Kristen Stewart’s new film is out in the UK

by Stewart Cole

Kristen Stewart’s romantic thriller Love Lies Bleeding has managed to release in the UK.

More than 18 months since the project was first announced, Screen Daily now reports that Lionsgate UK has picked up distribution rights to the A24 feature, which is directed by Rose Glass (Saint Maud).

Also starring Ed Harris (Westworld), Dave Franco (Day shift), Katy O’Brian (The Mandalorian) and Anna Baryshnikov (Prodigal son), the film takes the audience into the world of competitive bodybuilding.

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Stewart, whose last major screen role was as Timlin in David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the futurewill play a gym employee, while O’Brian is the man who pumps iron.

Talking about CrimesStewart previously spoke at the many body horror exits from the Cannes Film Festival last year.

“Everyone likes to talk about how his (Cronenberg’s) movies are hard to watch, and it’s fun to talk about people walking out of Cannes screenings,” Stewart said. Knowledgeable after the premiere.

“Every bruise, weird bruise in his movies, makes my mouth drop. You want to lean into him. And he never ever pushes me away. The way I feel, it’s out of a really visceral desire and that’s the only reason we are alive. We are bags of pleasure.”

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Meanwhile, director Glass exclusively said Digital spy all about her decision to show the namesake Saint Maud the female protagonist (played by Morfydd Clark) who burns to death in the film’s final, unforgettable shot.

“I always wanted the film to work on both levels and to be able to interpret it your way throughout [but] at what point does faith become delusion? I know, for me personally, I respect the whole movie that it has its truth and the way it sees things,” he explained.

“Maybe some of it is a kind of genuine relationship with God, which can then turn into something more unhealthy, or maybe it was psychosis to begin with.

“[However] as far as I’m concerned, by that point at the end of the movie, she’s obviously reached such a dangerous point where, no matter what you think is going on, she’s not able to take care of herself and she’s in a really dangerous situation.”

Love Lies Bleeding no release date yet.

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