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Liam Neeson will shoot the new film in Donegal for two months next year

by Stewart Cole

Donegal is set to be the site of a Hollywood blockbuster starring Liam Neeson, as it turns out.

event is The Land of Saints and Sinners will start in March 2022.

The action adventure tells the story of a retired killer who is forced into a cat and mouse game with three terrorists.

Killybegs Fishing Harbor and surrounding areas will be the location for two months of filming.

The film also stars Belfast-born actor Ciarán Hinds.

Hinds, 68, is a veteran actor who recently starred in the RTÉ police drama Relatives as gang boss Eamon Cunningham.

Neeson and Heinz, who are lifelong friends, have starred opposite each other in many films, including John Burman Excalibur.

The film is to be directed by Robert Lorenz, who collaborated with Neeson on the recent box office success. The Sniper.

Several locals at Co Donegal are expected to be hired as extra for filming.

New York-based Neeson, 69, said he jumped at any opportunity to return to Ireland.

The video of the day

However, he appeared in Late Late Show recently and talked about not being able to return home to Ballymena to attend his mother’s funeral due to travel restrictions during the pandemic.

He told presenter Ryan Tubridy “He passed away, he was 94, he had a good presence

“He passed away last June, which was a bit of a surprise, as he was in the middle of a pandemic, and it was weird for me and my sons in Upstate, New York, to watch this funeral on a screen. Very strange.

“I still haven’t gotten my head around it. I think about it every day.”

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