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Liam Neeson’s new film seeks out rugged GAA players – with messy 70s-style hair

by Stewart Cole

GAA players are sought after as extras in Liam Neeson’s latest film – but only if they have disheveled 1970s hair style.

Shooting for action blockbuster The Land of Saints and Sinners will begin later this month in Donegal and run through May.

The action adventure tells the story of a retired killer who is forced into a cat and mouse game with three terrorists.

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A call has now been sent for additional cinemas to participate in scenes involving a GAA game.

But those planning to apply should be warned that tight haircuts will prevent them from taking on a leading role next to the Hollywood conqueror.

Casting agents are looking for a rougher look.

A movieextras.ie spokesman said: “What we are looking for are 1970s hairstyles (piggy banks, mustaches, beards and longer hairstyles all welcome), GAA players, men and women of all ages, good availability (sequel roles require many days download!)

In full action mode at The Gray of 2012

The fishing port of Killybegs and surrounding areas, including Glencolmcille, will be the location for two months of filming, the Donegal Daily reports.

The film also stars Belfast-born actor Ciarán Hinds.

Hinds, 68, is a veteran actor and recently starred in the RTE Kin police drama as the boss of the Eamon Cunningham gang.

Neeson and Heinz, who are lifelong friends, have starred opposite each other in a number of films, including John Boorman’s Excalibur.

The film will be directed by Robert Lorenz, who collaborated with Neeson on the recent box office hit “The Marksman”.

New York-based Neeson, 69, said he jumped at any opportunity to return to Ireland.

However, he recently appeared on the Late Late Show and talked about not being able to get home to Ballymena to attend his mother’s funeral due to travel restrictions during the pandemic.

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