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Mac Jones is no surprise Christmas movie fan

by Stewart Cole

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  • McJones made some comments about Christmas that have upset some.
  • The Patriots beginner, QB, does not seem to care much about the holidays, at least not some things related to them.
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McJones is too busy turning to Tom Brady’s clone to get into the holiday spirit this year, he made it very clear during a recent Boston radio hit.

Jones has fully embraced Patriot Bill Belichick for the past two months, as he became one of the most boring players in the NFL when he spoke to the media.

After disrespecting Thanksgiving last month by telling people he hates pie, he is now under attack at Christmas.

During an interview at WEEI radio on Monday, Jones was asked about his favorite Christmas carols and his favorite Christmas movie. It turns out that Jones is a real robot because he obviously has no favorites.

At this point, I think Jones is saying these things 100% deliberately just to get away from the media.

I will give him a pass because he does not have a favorite Christmas song, but how a 23-year-old American does not have a favorite Christmas movie.

I’m going to get out of here and say that Jones grew up with a TV set in Jacksonville, Florida and I’m also pretty sure he was a kid at some point.

He’s certainly seen his few Christmas movies, maybe not all the classics, but it would have been almost impossible for him not to have seen at least one of The Home Alone’s, It’s A Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street or even Christmas With The Kranks that cry loudly.

Jones clearly says “no” when asked if he has a favorite Christmas movie is honestly disrespectful.

Twitter let him have it:

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