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Magic Mike 3 is coming to HBO Max with Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh

by Stewart Cole

Magic Mike’s Last Dance will be the third film in the epic Magic Mike trilogy about male strippers and the struggles of small business owners. The new movie was announced by the star of the series Channing Tatum, who Tweet photo of the script on Tuesday.

While Tatum did not reveal details about the film, the screenplay is signed by Reid Carolyn, the author of the first two films in the series. The third film will also be directed by Steven Soderbergh, who directed the original film in 2012 but did not return for the 2015 sequel. Magic Mike XXL. Since Tatum is the one who apparently announced the film, it also seems safe to say that he will return to his role as Mike Lane as well. Based on the title, it also looks like this will probably complete the arc of Mike’s three films.

The Magic Mike movie series has not been released since 2015, but the franchise itself was not quiet. Instead, Tatum and Carolin developed a spinoff in a live scene called Magic Mike Live. According to Soderbergh, the show’s impressive setting is part of what inspired him to return to the series after skipping the second entry. The franchise will also have a reality series called Finding Magic Mike, which debuts on HBO Max on December 17.

Warner Bros. produced the first two Magic Mike movies, which were both movie releases. However, this new movie will debut exclusively on Warner’s HBO Max streaming service. This is part of the company’s ongoing push for exclusive HBO Max films, which already included Soderbergh films. No sudden movement earlier this year and will include superhero movies like Bat girl in the future.

There is no release date for Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

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